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In an increasingly digitalized and technology-dependent world, there seems little doubt that companies with the ability to provide the right products and services to computer-based industries have a promising future.

FTG is a publicly traded Company on the Toronto Stock Exchange listed as "FTG".

The Product
The printed circuit board is a fundamental component of every piece of computer equipment. Computer chips must be mounted on a platform of some kind. The PCB is, and will almost certainly continue to be, the only product that can fulfil this role.

Printed circuits can vary widely in their sophistication and complexity. Telecommunications, computer and defence applications require the use of printed circuit boards that meet precise and often unique specifications. Profit margins for these complex circuits are typically higher than those for the simpler low and medium density boards used in consumer products.

At FTG, we obtain about 70% of our revenues from such sophisticated printed circuits. All are custom-designed, with our engineering and quality control groups working closely with the individual customer. This collaborative approach enables our customers to develop and bring their products to market quickly.

Market potential
FTG is the Canadian technology leader and few appear to be as well positioned in the North American market, where printed circuit board sales are $8-9 billion annually.

Currently, about three-quarters of our sales are to the United States. These revenues are derived primarily from the World's leading OEM's and their sub-contract assemblers. The sub-contract segment is the fastest growing market for printed circuit boards.

On October 19, 2017, the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) announced that it has adopted, and the Ontario Securities Commission has approved, amendments to the TSX Company Manual under Part IV, introducing section 473, which requires TSX listed issuers to make available on their website current copies of the following documents:
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